Scholarships Available

For more information on financing your education at WSC or details on any of these scholarships, please contact WSC at 701-774-4200.

A & R Scholarship
Alvin Hexem Scholarship
Amelia Evanson Information Technology Scholarship
Amelia Evanson Scholarship
Art Wood Grant
API/Grainger Scholarship
Calvin Hystad Memorial Scholarship
Carroll Sinness Memorial Scholarship
Charles Ball Scholarship/Tuition Grant
Cheryl A. White Scholarship
Christian Enstulen Memorial Scholarship
Clarence & Grace Jacobson Scholarship
Clyde & Hilda Noe Scholarship
Colleen “Coke” Aafedt Scholarship
Crighton Dickson First National Bank Scholarship
CW and Eliza Saunders Scholarship
Dawn Matze Memorial Scholarship
Doris Marcoux Education Trust Scholarship
Dr. Rod M Lim Memorial Scholarship
Eddie & Alma Norby Memorial Scholarship
Emma S. & Grace W. Brynjolfson Scholarship
Erling Manger Scholarship
Ester Amsberry Scholarship
Eltar E. Larsen Scholarship
Greg Ough Scholarship
Harley Fetzer API Scholarship
Helga Sorenson Scholarship
Herman Family Nursing Scholarship
Henry & Mabel Peterson
Henry B. & Helen L. Wall Memorial Scholarship
James & Francis Platts Scholarship
James & Frances Shannon Memorial Scholarship
James & Frances Shannon Scholarship
Jane Nelson Scholarship
Jewell & Gladys Rodvold Scholarship
Karen Murphy Memorial Scholarship
Karma Deane Owan Scholarship
Kenneth Kleven Scholarship
Larry Gaudreau Scholarship (Tools)
Leonard P. Nelson Scholarship
Les T. Panger Memorial Scholarship
Lester E. & Raima M. Doeden Scholarship
Mary Owan Scholarship
Melvin & Alida Siverson Scholarship
Milton S. Olson Educational Trust
Montana Dakota Utilities Scholarship
Moose Lodge #239 Scholarship
Myrtle McKinney Scholarship
Nick Voller Scholarship
Olaf & Bertina Nelson Scholarship
Ordean & DeLaine Rude Scholarship
Orville & Irene Haugen Agriculture Scholarship
Otto & Alma Boss Scholarship
Ralph & Mary Jane Crisman Tuition Scholarship
Ray Atol Memorial Scholarship
S. A. Forseth Scholarship/Fellowship
Seidel Scholarship
Sherrie Arnstad Memorial Scholarship
Siver R. & Maude G. Siverson Scholarship
Stockman Scholarship
Thyra Hoehn Nursing Scholarship
Tom & Hazel Burns Scholarship
Travis Gunlikson Memorial Scholarship
Truman & Thelma Opperud Scholarship
Vern & Hazel Steele Tuition Scholarship
Vern Owan Agriculture Scholarship
Vizina Scholarship (Tools)
William County Scholarship
Williston State College Foundation